Monday, May 14, 2007

A New Addition

I know that summer is really just around the corner and spring is winding down to a close but that doesn't mean that you (and I) can't still so some spring cleaning! In general my rule is that if there is something in your closet that you haven't worn in a year then chuck it. Also, if you are holding onto things because you "might one day fit in it again" you should reevaluate and give most of it away. Not to say that you should give up on losing weight or getting healthier but be nice to your closet and do your current body some justice. Hold on to one or two special pieces and buy things that will make you feel good about where you stand currently, no matter what that might be. There is always more shopping to be done and it's so much fun to go out and buy all new tiny clothes once you drop the weight! If the things that you are looking to get rid of still have some value in your mind then sell them on eBay. Everyone is looking for something on eBay and one woman's cast offs are another woman's couture. That's the route I'm going, enter She Sells! Check it out in the Links section and maybe you'll find something of mine that you just must have (it's all cheap), or you can just stalk me, whatever. And if you want me to sell something for you because you are far too busy in all your fabulousness drop me a line.

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