Monday, May 14, 2007

The Real Life Devil Wears Prada

We all know that the New York Times Best Seller, The Devil Wears Prada and it's subsequent movie interpretation were based on Vouge magazine's ice queen of an editor Anna Wintour. Now, she has decided to capitalize on the opportunity to set the record straight although it remains to be seen which direction it will go in the feature-length documentary chronicling the making of Vogue's September issue. It's well on it's way and the cameras were rolling at a tea party Lauren duPont and Amanda Brooks threw for Thakoon Panichgul at Bergdorf Goodman recently, where one of the film’s field producers revealed that 500 total hours of coverage will be filmed, with just an hour-and-a-half making the final cut. “The staffers at Vogue and Anna Wintour have been very cooperative,” said the source. “They're used to the cameras and the attention by now.” Filming will end in July and then all the less waiting to see how things truly are at Vogue.

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