Saturday, June 13, 2009

Celebrities In Fashion

  • Will Lindsay Lohan be the new Creative Consultant at Ungaro? When a former high tech tycoon, bought the fading House of Ungaro it was a bold move for a fashion outsider but he worked hard at evolving the label and was able to convince Colombian-born design wunderkind Esteban Cortazar to take the creative reins in 2007. Now, in a strange move as Ungaro contemplates hiring La Lohan as Creative Consultant. Perhaps as a result of this strategy, Esteban Cortazar is moving on.

  • The rumors are confirmed, Courtney Love is going to launch her own clothing line. Even though 49% of people polled probably wouldn't wear it. Body suits and harem pants and rubies, O my! And that's not her only trouble news of the clothing line was closely followed by that of $350,000.00 in unpaid credit card balances in her name to AmEx.

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