Friday, June 05, 2009

Only In NYC!

Over the course of this weekend and next, 90 handbags will be lost and found. It's not some random fact like, "A collection of coasters is called a tegestology," it is a reality that could mean a free bag for you!. The purses will be left in club restrooms, abandoned in cabs, forgotten on park benches. They will be filled with the junk women can't leave home without. If you happen to be on of the lucky people to find one of these satchels you might think to return it to it's rightful owner but, a tag attached reads : You did not find this bag; this bag found you. Lucky... And you will learn about Rachel Nasvik as the mastermind behind this whole thing. Locations may be trendy — think American Apparel, Santos’ Party House, the Cabin Down Below. The players may include pub landlords, newsboys, even shifty-eyed knockoff vendors shilling them for $20 apiece. Being in the right place at the right time will take deductive reasoning, surveillance and some Twitter stalking. See how it all unfolds and get the thrill of the chase!

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