Saturday, January 30, 2010

20 Best Vintage Clothing Sites

If you are into shopping vintage then take a look at this listing of the 20 best vintage clothing shops here:

Vintage is a great way to go if you are looking for something specific or want to channel a certain era. Or, maybe just to match what was popular then with what has come back now. Hello new 80's! What I really appreciate about vintage shops (or even the plain old salvation army) is that you can find some awesome items and keep them out of landfills because some fabrics will live longer than you will. Has anyone seen Wall-E?!? But, I digress...

Those are just some of the pro's but, let's not forget the con's before we go vintage crazy! (and by we I mean me) Sometimes the can be overly pricey depending on the site so, try not to rationalize it... yes, I know you are saving the planet and the dress is fabulous but, you need to buy groceries. Also, try not to buy unless you are sure of your size because the return policy is generally no returns. This is one of my biggest problems with shopping online in general. Hi, my name is "10 in one store, 14 in another"! Again, I digress...

The bottom line is that if you can make it work, this is a great option and now you have a plethora of new stores to chose from!

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