Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Late Bloomer

Although we are closing in on the end of the summer I have recently developed a great interest in sandals. And while it is extremely late in the season, it's just in time to catch all the sales! I went shopping and picked up these fantastic ones at DSW for $99.00. Yes, a major splurge but the bronze ones are so neutral I can wear them with everything so, in my opinion they were very worth it (even my bf thought they were a good buy!). Then I decided that I needed a black pair because, if you couldn't tell, I'm really into the neutrals. So, I began the search for black and this style was the favorite of what I found...

Splurge/Budget Sandal

I'm sure you can tell what the difference between the Splurge and the Budget sandal but I tried both on and they are really very comparable. Since the "splurge" Dolce Vita sandals went on sale I got them. I'm all about quality in the end and leather always wins. I think it was a good choice and I've gotten tons of compliments on them.

FYI-There are also these Kelly & Katie sandals which are exactly the same style and a decent price but if you can find the DV ones in your size (Nordstrom or DSW) I would pick those up.

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