Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does This Outfit Work?

This is a new kind of post for She Spys The Buys! I bought something and I am looking for genuine reader opinion/reaction. This is a picture of me wearing a new t-shirt dress I got from Target with gladiators, a long coin pearl necklace (I know you can't see it but, it's there I promise) and my Loeffler Randall for Target slouchy woven leather bag from last summer. I thought of adding a belt but all the belts I have are too big for me, that's going on my shopping list. I thought it was a perfect comfy yet professional outfit to wear to the office! Especially because, at first glance the dress looked way more high end than Target, it had a little bit of a Tory Burch vibe in my opinion.

Now, hopefully you like the outfit so I can tell you my secret without you automatically thinking, "so, that's why that outfit didn't work." The "dress" is really a sleepshirt from Gillian O'Malley my favorite undewear/pj designer at Target. I don't care I'll scream it from the rootops... I'm wearing pajams at work! It was a great price for a professional and amazingly comfortable work dress which I recieved many compliments on.

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