Friday, December 08, 2006


The Material Girl is taking her love of cheap chic one step further with H&M, collaborating with them to launch “M by Madonna,” a limited-edition, one-time collection of garments and accessories that will debut in March. The 30-piece collection, consisting of tailored dresses and tops with feminine, modern, and narrow silhouette, will be available along with the 10 or so matching accessories in H&M’s more than 1,300 stores worldwide, unlike the company’s past three designer collaborations which were only sold at top flagship stores in key cities. According to a company spokesperson, prices for the “M by Madonna” collection will be similar to the rest of the H&M seasonal collections and the pieces will reflect her “unique, timeless, and glamorous style.” “I’ve made no secret of my love of fashion over the years,” the 42-year-old singer, author, and cultural phenomenon said in a statement. “Working with... H&M was an exciting and new creative challenge for me. I’m really happy with the results and look forward to wearing ‘M by Madonna’ along with the rest of the world.” Based on the sketches that I saw of the looks I can imagine that this line has much more potential than her limited edition track suit, at least I hope.

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