Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kappa Kappa Cappucino

Well I'll let you speculate as to what my locale is in reference too but I have to say I am dressed to impress no matter where that might be. Having a quasi-corporate job and the desire to dress in a more mature manner otherwise it was no surprise to me that I immediately reached for the NY&Co. that I had hanging in my closet when getting ready for this meeting tonight. Now, I know it is on the low scale of things but they do business basics well. Everything from chinos, to suits, to knit slacks, to button downs, sweaters, tunics, belts, jewelry, and even shoes and all for a reasonable price. I recently visited the downtown store out of sheer boredom having arrived in the Nassau St. area a bit early. Did you know they open at 7:00 in the AM? Yeah, neither did I! I began to wander and before I knew it my arms were full of chunky turtlenecks, belts, and "city knit" pants (or as I have labeled them "the best ass-pants ever!") Sufficet to say, I went to town and you should too. I don't know about the other locations but the NY&Co. on Nassau street off of Fulton is having a sale where awesome pants and cute shirts are $7.99, $9.99, or 50% off. So, tonight I am showing off some conquests from my shopping expedition; cute pants (of course), chunky floppy-neck turtleneck sweater from last years GAP winter collection, Steve Madden shoes, and Bulga bag. Wish me luck...

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