Saturday, October 07, 2006

Children of the What?

You all must be wondering what is up with me. I mean, no posts all week and now check me out standing in the middle of a field shaking a gift box. Well, sorry for the absenteeism, things have been a bit crazy but I'll explain to you now why my Meez is where she is. Today I am doing city girl goes country chic for V's birthday (hence the gift). The festivities tonight are starting with a walk through a corn maze (hence the sunflowers... it was the only kind of field they had.) I'm wearing my skinny jeans tucked into black Uggz, a big chunky tunic sweater, with a thick black belt, with my hair tucked up into a newsboy cap and carrying my Spy. I think it's practical for the chilly weather and at the same time stylin'. Check back I'm going to try to update as much as I can to let you know about everything I have been trying to post all week.

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