Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

With my birthday about a week away I have been thinking about all the fancy wonderful things that I (can't afford) would love for gifts. I'm sure there are people who could use hints, so here it is. The List:
  • I need a new mini-skirt, the ones that I have don't fit anymore. Isn't it a bitch, I lose serious pounds, get healthier, and I'm too broke to buy new clothes. (Size 14)
  • I really like this tank top, a bit juvenile yes but still super cute... (Size L)
  • I take after my mom in that I really love a good fragrance and Covet by SJP is something that I am, well, coveting...
  • I also take after my mother in my love of really unique jewelry like these amazing earrings by Jane D'Arensbourg. V'ta will always have my heart but, these are so cool I've never seen anything like them.
  • Trouser jeans are so hot right now and these are a nice affordable-ish pair. I've been waiting for this to come back for too long. (Size 14)
  • I can't deny my extreme overwhelming love of handbags and this Libertine for Target bag is a perfect size for my normally overwhelming amount of stuff. What I really want are these shorts but good luck finding them in my size (15).
  • On a non fashion related front, I need new Bare Escentuals, the bestest make up ever!
  • Throw in a mani/pedi and I'm a happy birthday girl...

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