Monday, July 30, 2007

For Brooklynites

The borough president who helped bring Trader Joe’s to Atlantic Avenue (and gave hot cocoa to all those walking over the bridge during the transit strike) has set his sights on a new upscale target. He wants to bring a Nordstrom department store to B-town. “Now that [Trader Joe’s] is done, we can go to the next one,” Borough President Markowitz told The Brooklyn Paper several days after leading a jubilant parade from Borough Hall to the Court Street bank building where the gourmet grocer is setting up its first Kings County store. “Nordstrom would be awesome in Brooklyn. Now we have Trader Joe’s, Ikea, Whole Foods (where?) and all the other great retailers. That would complete it,” Markowitz said, still exuberant from his Joe’s victory lap. No wonder the rents are skyrocketing. If he keeps developing Brooklyn it's going to be just as expensive in the city, I mean it already is in some parts. That' s why I now live in the Bronx.

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