Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do It Yourself

Maybe you are the make everything yourself type, or perhaps you prefer to pick it up at the store... either way, you don't need to be Martha Stewart to use this recipe! Stray away from the chemical additives in normal lipgloss and make your own. This beautiful shade will take you through the end of fall and carry you through winter in style!

Beet Lip Gloss
10 minutes; makes 1/2 ounce

What You Need:
(local and organic whenever possible)
  • 1 beet (light-colored red beets yield a red shade; darker ones get you a merlot color)
  • 3 drops olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E oil
  • Repurposed lip gloss container or pillbox


1. Remove beet from stem, wash, and chop into 1-inch pieces.

2. Place chopped beet in microwave-safe container and heat on high for 1 minute until it releases juice.

3. Pour beet juice and the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl and mix thoroughly (add sugar by the teaspoon until it reaches your desired thickness).

4. Empty the finished blend into a small jar, preferably a repurposed lip gloss container. Let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours to thicken, then apply as you like. It'll keep for 6-8 months.

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