Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Handywoman's Dream

There is a whole culture of handy/creative people that swear by this nifty, sticky, normally silver, tough stuff. I am speaking, of course, about duct tape. There is a even a scholarship competition in which participants create prom dresses and tuxes entirely out of duct tape then submit pictures to be voted on. Some people, like Vanessa Jean, take it one step further. She has parlayed her craftiness and love of duct tape stuff into vanessa jean * duct tape design. I mean who really wants to settle down or get stuck with a real job after graduating from college, this seems like a much better alternative. Right now they are having a major clearance and bonus for all Pace University students... if you use your One Card you get 10 bonus point for every dollar you spend.

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Alex said...

hey! i went and picked up my ring from them- and they were so sweet- they gave me a free ring.